Anthony J Sargeant reflects on the Eve and Adam Myth


A Meditation on Eve and Adam

by Tony Sargeant

Eve is seen as the cause of the fall – the one who succumbed to temptation.

The one who was prepared to taste of the fruit of the tree of knowledge – of good and evil – despite being warned not to – because the consequences would be dangerous and unpredictable – and yet and yet she has the courage so to do.

She has the courage –

And her courage – her curiosity – releases humankind from the womb of dependency.

Releases humankind from ‘The Garden of Eden’ and sets them free

free to choose

free to get things wrong

and free to get things right.

Free to do good

And free to do evil.

And all these things will happen because of Eve’s courage.

And the man, Adam?

He is pathetic – a scared little rabbit.

“Oh dear, what have you done Dear?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.”

Huh! – pathetic!

What the woman has done is to give humankind, female and male, the chance to become fully human. Hallelujah!

And just in case The Man should be tempted to regress to the infantile dependent state – thumb in mouth – as men can do sometimes (lest I should be thought sexist women as well of course) –

Just in case … an angel with a flaming sword stands guard at the entrance to The Garden of Eden – the womb of life – to prevent humankind climbing back in.

You can see how important that courageous decision was that was taken by Eve.

Unfortunately the men who wrote down this story chose so to do in such a way that subsequent generations of men used it to blame and subjugate women.


Anthony J Sargeant

(note the Gnostic Ophite sect regarded the serpent as the source of real wisdom! Also in Judaism ‘the Naasseni’)


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