Antique Textile – Uzbek Susani


2015_0813reading0047.jpg crop

This early 19th Century Susani was bought recently at auction by Anthony Sargeant who although retired and no longer dealing in antiques could not resist it. These textiles, usually bed covers, were made by young women as part of their wedding dowry. This dramatic early 19th century example can be attributed on the basis of the design to Bokhara in Uzbekistan on the silk route from China. The outline design was drawn onto the linen or hand spun cotton ground by a man who specialised in this art but then the young women would extemporise, embroidering around the drawn design in different coloured silks. This particular example is in sensationally good condition. It was bought by an Anglo-Indian family living in India some 50 or more years ago and brought back to this country where it was been stored away until  the estate was recently dispersed at auction.

(Size 7ft x 4ft 6inches).


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