Lobster Thermidor



Eileen plating-up the Lobster Thermidor cooked by Anthony Sargeant. A real retro-dish. But it is delicious. The fresh live lobster was delivered to us by Keltic Sea Food via overnight courier from Dingwall in Scotland. This medium size lobster  about 600g was cooked on Sunday (also the thermidor sauce), and the meat extracted ready for a quick meal yesterday evening when we arrived home. The chopped up meat was then warmed through in a little butter and spooned back into the shells, some sauce poured into the shells and then covered with breadcrumbs soaked in a little butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese before going under a very hot grill. Served simply with a little salad and some fresh boiled potatoes – oh yes and with the roe and tomaly(liver) warmed in the microwave and served on the side of the plate (at about 10 o’clock in the photograph)

Eaten 21st December 2015.



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