Wonderful freshly cooked Langoustine



The langoustines, sometimes called Dublin Bay Prawns, have just been cooked by Anthony Sargeant in boiling salted water and piled up on the work surface. These came by overnight courier from Keltic Sea Food Ltd who are based in Dingwall near Inverness in Scotland. The langoustine are kreel caught off the West coast of Scotland and delivered live (and nipping if you are not too careful!). Another wonderful crustacean feast after the lobster of the previous evening – also from Keltic Sea Food. Highly recommended. Served with a little mayonnaise to dip the tail meat in they are delicious – and then the head meat (excavated from the body with a lobster pick)  which some would say is even better. After all of that you are left with the claws and although it is a ‘picky’ job it is well worth the effort of excavating that meat from these largish langoustines – to be used later as a filling for fresh ravioli.


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