The European Union and the UK


The European project is collapsing around us – it is out of date and out of time.

It is undemocratic, unworkable and unnecessary.

How many people know who their Member of the (incredibly expensive) European Parliament is? or what their real power is?

Of course it is not in Germany’s interest to see the UK leave the EU, and certainly not in the interest of the economies of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, etc etc – but despite this obvious self interest, the vanishingly small ‘concessions’ that Cameron has “negotiated” are worthless and pointless (they actually miss ‘the point’ totally).

[Moreover the various nature of the ‘negotiations’ themselves are an illustration of the undemocratic nature of the EU since none of the heads of government have consulted their own electorates over new legislation giving the UK ‘special status’ within (but not within!) the EU]

Look at the composition of the EU – with so many member countries which have endemic corruption and others with homophobic, misogynistic and fascist leaning governments.

As for the suggestion that being a member of the EU makes the UK an important ‘World Power’ – surely that is a delusion – how can being submerged in a union of 28 other nation states make the UK itself ‘more important’ ?

Do we really want to be a member of that club? One is reminded of Groucho Marx’s jest  “Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”


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