Red Gurnard filllets and roe prepared by Anthony Sargeant


IMG_2885 crop

Anthony J Sargeant recommends Red Gurnard to those who like fish. It has a firm meaty flesh and is easy to fillet and cook. In this case the fillets were floured and gently pan fried with butter added. After removing the cooked fish the pan was deglazed with white wine which was then reduced and a little double cream added to make a sauce. The fish also had large roes and these were saved and mashed with breadcrumbs, seasoning, lemon zest and dill. The resulting mixture was then patted into little ‘fish’ cakes and pan fried on a high heat to crisp up the outside then more gently to cook through – the cakes are seen at the top of the plate with the fillets in the centre. Served with lettuce, peas and pea shoots and crushed new potatoes. Cooked by Tony Sargeant on the 11th March 2016.


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