British Prime Minister David Cameron does yet another U-turn – How many more asks Anthony Sargeant


Anthony J Sargeant writes –

George Osbourne announced that all primary schools would be forced to become academies in his most recent omni-shambles of a budget. What that had to do with the budget nobody understood at the time (although it would in truth have cost the tax payer a lot of money indirectly paying private enterprise to set up consortia as well as the cost to government of a whole new expanded and centralised regulatory system).

And now? A U-turn – yet again – because the Tory government presided over by Cameron fails to listen even to its own county councils and supporters (37 of county councils opposed the move). So Nicky Morgan who looks no more suited to a ministerial role than my cat has to climb down and retract Osbourne’s policy commitment which he made in the budget.



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