Jean-Claude Junker – A EU PolitBuro member threatens the British


Anthony J Sargeant This shows only too well the disdain and arrogance of the dysfunctional and undemocratic EU Politburo towards the British public:

AND ….. if we stay as a member of the EU does anybody really think that we will have any real influence on the future of the out-of-date and doomed political project which is the EU?

From Junker’s comments you can already discern how the British are, and would be, regarded, even if we stay as members. Nothing must be allowed to stand in the way of the EU undemocratic political project.

It is also worth remembering that Jean-Claude Junker has been on the EU gravy-train for a very long time as an ex-Prime Minister of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – population just over half a million. He was personally involved in setting up a corporate tax haven in Luxembourg (a tiny but thanks to the EU an incredibly rich Grand-Duchy dependent on bankers and tax avoidance experts – second in GDP in the whole world only to that other well known “democracy” Qatar).

The consequence of the tax haven that was set up under Junker was that multi-national corporations like Amazon could nominally locate there and thus avoid paying proper tax in the UK and other countries in which they make immense profits.

One can understand why Junker does not want the EU house of cards to collapse – but the truth is that “The Emperor has no Clothes” – for ‘Emperor’ read the EU.



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