John Cleese is correct in his assessment of the EU Political Project

John Cleese: Actor and Comedian Says UK Should Exit European Union
“If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I’d vote to stay in. But there isn’t,” Cleese tweeted. A referendum on the U.K. staying or remaining in the EU is set for June 23.
Anthony Sargeant  says, I don’t think one should ever pay too much attention to what celebrities have to say (even very intelligent ones like John Cleese) but of course he is absolutely correct. David Cameron went zooming around the EU nations before the referendum to try to get new agreements and concessions on the UK’s membership of the EU. He came back with nothing of any substance, rather like Neville Chamberlain when he visited Germany in 1938 and came back with a worthless piece of paper having betrayed other Europeans. But “Whatever you do don’t mention the war”.

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