Quick, easy and delicious meal by Anthony J Sargeant



Supper last night was simple, easy and delicious. A spiced Moroccan-style lamb-burger was the main element – bought from Waitrose reduced counter (but worth the full price) and kept in freezer as a useful quick standby. It had a nice loose texture full of herbs and spices. It was oiled, seasoned, then cooked slowly on the griddle with a final charring with the blow torch. The chips were crispy and the salad leaves were taken from the garden along with tomatoes and peppery nasturtium leaves and flower. The lamb burgher had some caper berries on the top (very nice) and was laid on a bed of Luteniza (roasted spicy pepper based relish from Macedonia) a delicious product from Pelagonia (see below) which has simple natural ingredients – no E numbers – no artificial preservatives and gluten free.




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