Baked Brown Crab with salad



Cooked by Anthony Sargeant using wonderful live crab bought at the Birmingham Indoor Bullring Market. The UK is surrounded by wonderful fishing grounds and has an abundance of shellfish and crustaceans of all kinds. Sadly much of it is under-appreciated by the British themselves and so it gets exported to Spain and France.

This particular dish used a medium sized female crab in an adaptation of a Rick Stein recipe (see page 64 of his book “Seafood Lovers’ Guide”). The adaptation uses 3 times the volume of breadcrumbs so 50g not 15g – doubles the melted butter to stir into the mix from 1 to 2 tablespoons and replaces the Berkswell Cheese (which is excellent but not always easy to source) with Parmesan. Also because of the volume it is baked in dish rather than putting it back into shells – which are very pretty but not so manageable. This dish makes enough for 4 portions (if you only use 2 then the remainder can be put into the refrigerator for a day or two and reheated – it could be it is even better after that period of ‘infusion’).



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