School Stories for Girls



Wonderful ‘period’ 1950s Children’s Annual published by Dean and Son of Ludgate Hill in London. From time to time Anthony Sargeant buys boxes of books at auction in order to donate them to OXFAM bookshops. Often it is possible to buy 30 or more good quality hardback books for £10 or so. If the resale value of the books is only £3 each you can see how effective this is in terms of donating to OXFAM. The charity may make let us say £90 out of the £10 investment on direct sales plus since the books are gift-aided the charity can reclaim a further 25% of the £90 donation (the value of the books) from the Chancellor making a total donation from Tony of £112. Over the years this has generated thousands of pounds for charity from a relatively small investment donation by Tony. It is fun and satisfying – though the boxes of books need to be chosen with some care for resaleability. There is an added bonus that occasionally one finds a charming period piece like this children’s annual for schoolgirls published by Dean and Son of Ludgate Hill in London sometime in the 1950s. The typography of the title is rather pleasing.


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