English Asparagus, Ham and a Poached Egg


Tony Sargeant thinks that good fresh ingredients carefully but simply cooked make for the best meals.


Here wonderfully fresh English asparagus has been cooked spread with a little butter, sea salt, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Served with locally cooked ham and a poached egg. Oh yes and by the by people often ask what is the secret of cooking a good poached egg – Well the answer is simple they need to be absolutely fresh – the egg shown here came out of the chicken a few hours earlier and dropped into a pan of simmering water the white is glutinous and sticks together to give a perfect poached egg – no need for all the nonsense of swirling the water around, adding vinegar to the water, or buying egg poaching devices. Bizarrely most supermarket eggs are left on uncooled shelves sometimes for 2 or 3 weeks so of course they do not poach very well (but if you have to buy eggs from a supermarket check the sell-by dates and pick the ones from the back of the shelf which are normally the freshest.



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