Cold Sirloin Steak in thin slices with pan fried tomatoes and crispy double fried chips — TONY Anthony SARGEANT


Anthony J Sargeant had cooked and eaten most of this thick sirloin steak the night before. This meal was the ‘leftovers’ the end piece of the 3 cm thick steak sliced vertically and very thinly into mouthful sized pieces. Served very simply with a few new potatoes and salad.

via Cold Sirloin Steak in thin slices with pan fried tomatoes and crispy double fried chips — TONY Anthony SARGEANT


Spring Sunshine in Shropshire and Snowdrops


IMG_5900 ps

Well not really but these harbingers of Spring are very beautiful and welcome. Photographed by Anthony J Sargeant on 25th February 2018 the bank of this Shropshire lane is carpeted with snowdrops like so many others around his home. The trees are still bare of leaves and will be for some weeks to come and the weather is still very cold. But the snowdrops are exceptionally profuse growing in the wild all along the banks and hedgerows along the lanes and byways in this part of Shropshire.

Snowdrops in Shropshire



The lanes and byways of Shropshire, England, are awash with this harbinger of Spring. Drifts of the tiny white nodding heads have burst through the dead leaves left over from the autumn on the verges and banks along the lanes around the Shropshire home of Anthony J Sargeant. Tony photographed this clump which are yet to fully open on the 1st of February 2018.

Gordon Russell Table and Chairs (1964)



The table was bought last year (2017) at auction in Leominister, Herefordshire by Anthony J Sargeant (previously dealing in 16th 17th Century Oak furniture – this was a complete departure but was bought for personal use – not as part of the antique business). The surface of the high quality but somewhat scuffed top was beautifully restored by Mark at Black Dog French Polishing in Ledbury (do not be put off by the name – he restores all types of finishes and to a wonderful standard). The set of 6 Gordon Russell chairs were sourced after buying the table but complement it wonderfully. It is superb quality and includes an additional leaf which is underneath the two main sections of the table top which pull apart. Ignore by the way the refection of a small circular disc – it is not on the table itself.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Boys – School Photograph 1961



The whole school photographed in 1961. Anthony J Sargeant can be found in the picture if you enlarge it on the screen. Martin Symms was school captain I think and he can be seen sitting next to the school secretary on the extreme left of the seated staff. NB: The school prefects wore undergraduate gowns during the school day. In the 1960s school photographs of this kind were taken using a Panorama camera which used a clockwork mechanism to rotate the camera body once the shutter was opened in front of the long strip of film slowly moving along the line of boys until the whole school was photographed. It would take a minute or more to complete the photograph.

Exit with dignity – with reference to Virginia Woolf


Exit with dignity

Death can be the release

from a lifetime

of misunderstanding

and miscommunication

when it is too late

and the days too few

to put things right.

To load oneself with stones

and walk into The Ouse

is to take control

is to admit failure.

When to walk on

ever deeper into the chill waters

is an act of determination

is an act of courage.

To quietly wait for the cancer

to progress and consume is not


Anthony J Sargeant – April 2016

Winter sunrise in Shropshire, England – 30th January 2018



This photograph was taken by Anthony J Sargeant from a bedroom window of his Shropshire Home at 7.40 am on the 30th January 2018. The sun is behind the Brown Clee Hill slightly to the right of centre in the photograph (that is to the South East). Thy sky looks aflame with the rising sun.