Moules Mariniere – Scottish Mussels



Very clean rope grown Scottish mussels make for a delicious meal. These were especially good mussels plump and tasty. Simply cooked by Anthony Sargeant in the classic Moules Mariniere fashion: first some finely chopped shallots sweated off in butter with just a little chopped hot chilli and garlic, then white wine added and brought to boil before adding the mussels for a few minutes in a covered pan until they open. Straining off the mussels leaves a delicious liquor behind which can have cream and parsley added before bringing to the boil and pouring over the dish of mussels.

St Paul’s Cathedral in London



This photograph was taken in 1948 and it shows the bomb sites around St Pauls. Anthony Sargeant remembers going to Central London from his home in Lower Sydenham with his Parents in 1948 or 49 and seeing the devastation all around the Cathedral as a result of the German bombing during the Second World War.It was remarkable that the cathedral survived essentially intact during the Blitz, though this was in part due to the efforts of brave fire watchers on the roof of the cathedral dealing with incendiary bombs.

Snowdrops in Shropshire



The lanes around the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant are full of snowdrops at this time of the year. There is a story locally that a man in the 19th century went walking aound the lanes from his home in Morville planting snowdrops wherever he went. Whether true or not the snowdrop display of drifts of white along the roadside are sensational. The flowers in this clump have just reflexed out to reveal the delicately green tinged corona. This photograph was taken of a clump of snowdrops in the lane close to the house on 19th February 2017.

Early Lambs in Shropshire fields



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of the lambs in the field next to his Shropshire home on Sunday 19th February 2017. The house is surrounded by pasture land for sheep and it is wonderful to see the arrival of new lambs. Spring is approaching and the days are getting longer and warmer as the month goes on.

February Snow in Shropshire



It has been a mild winter with very little snow this year and not so many serious frosts as normal. Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire, UK, home at about 8.30 am on Saturday 11th February 2017. The few flurries soon ceased and the snow melted away.

Traditional Haggis served up with Mashed swede and potatoes



Burn’s Night is the 25th January. This is the haggis seen in the previous post now sliced and served with onion gravy made by Anthony J Sargeant as an accompaniment along with the ┬átraditional mashed swede and potato. It tastes better than it looks says Tony – It is after all Peasant food.