Omelette Arnold Bennett on the plate



The omelette cooked by Anthony Sargeant and shown in the cooking pan in the previous post is big enough for four large portions. Here the photograph shows one quarter served very simply with some peas, a spicy stuffed pepper and some pickled gherkin.


Omelette Arnold Bennett



An old favourite of Anthony Sargeant which he cooked for supper last night – Omelette Arnold Bennett. Essentially a big deep  omelette (5 big eggs) cooked in a 12 inch pan – then smoked Haddock which had been lightly poached in milk is flaked into the top of the omelette while it is still liquid, followed by double cream and finely grated Parmesan cheese. Then put under the hottest possible grill to finish. The important points are to poach the haddock very lightly otherwise it loses its flavour into the milk and also not to overcook the omelette but keep it very loose and almost liquid so that only the top browns when put under the very hot grill and the middle is still very soft. it is important to remove from the frying pan after cooking so that the omelette does not continue to cook in the hot pan. (This is based on a recipe from the excellent book by Rick Stein – The Seafood Lovers Guide). Oh, and by the way any unused portions keep well in the fridge for a day or so – delicious cold or reheated in microwave.

Omelette Arnold Bennett: ready to serve



Anthony Sargeant loves this simple omelette using smoked haddock poached in milk and topped with double cream and grated parmesan cheese. Here photographed just after it has been finished under a very hot grill.  It is a slight adaptation of a Rick Stein recipe published in his very useful book “Seafood Lovers’ Guide”