Asparagus Season in England – April 2018


Anthony J Sargeant says that you should not waste the trimmings when you snap off the base of the asparagus.


First trim the scales off the asparagus (they are very fibrous and it is best to remove them from the whole of the stalk up to about an inch or two of the top of the stalk). Do this before snapping off the bottom section of the stalk. But retain this trimming and using a sharp knife chop thin cress sections down towards the base. If you feel any woody resistance discard that very last section (often there is none). Sweat off some onion in butter (but do not brown) then add the thinly sliced asparagus sections and cook until tender. Add some chicken stock cook-off then liquidise, with seasoning added as required, until smooth. The result is a smooth asparagus soup which can be garnished with chives and perhaps a swirl of double cream. It is delicious and sweet.


Asparagus Season in England – Enjoy



Fresh Asparagus is in season in England. This was supper prepared a few evenings ago by Anthony J Sargeant. There is so little to do but the result is delicious. Served with melted butter, sea salt and grated parmesan topped with a poached egg. It was not necessary but served with a slice of quiche and a spoonful of Hollandaise.

Smoked Cod Poached in Milk


Smoked Fillet of Cod was cooked by Anthony J Sargeant for supper yesterday evening 21st April 2018. Poached in milk then the cod was reserved while the milk was thickened with creme fraiche and reduced somewhat. The fish was returned to rewarm in the sauce and served with a poached egg yolk and capers and chopped chives. With small new potatoes and sugar snaps

Fillet of poached smoked cod sprinkled with chives, topped with a poached egg andserved with a milk and creme fraiche sauce, sugar snaps and new potatoes

Smoked fillet of Cod

So simple – but such fresh quality with the exceptionally large wild Sea Bream caught in UK Territorial Waters by a Cornish Day-Boat (cooked by Anthony J Sargeant)


Tail fillet of a very large wild Cornish Sea Bream on a bed of leeks with chilli enhanced potato patties

It may be that the British will come to appreciate the fantastic quality of the fish stocks which we have in our territorial waters after Brexit (and by the way let us be clear – territorial waters means exactly that – UK territory – it makes no more sense to allow the EU to annex our fisheries than allowing the Germans to annex The Sudetenland in 1938, or next year letting the EU annex Cornwall because Europeans like Cream Teas!).

Oh yes fillets of Cornish Wild Sea Bream served on a bed of leeks with some potato patties enhanced with a little chilli.


Brill from Cornwall filleted and cooked by Anthony J Sargeant


Fillets of Cornish Brill with a few new potatoes and salad

Brill is a wonderful fish – this one which was bought whole was a good size and had been caught by a day boat from Cornwall  (south-west coast of England), and was very fresh. Turbot is a very similar fish – but because it is so popular it commands much higher prices in the market. Brill is a good fish and highly recommended. Here it was served with just the deglazed juices of the pan and some salad and new potatoes.

Wonderful Cornish Sea Bream – British Fish at its very best



Fillet of Wild Sea Bream cooked by Anthony J Sargeant. Filleted by Tony the fish was gently pan-fried skin side down to give a beautiful crisp skin then flipped for the final few minutes. It was served on a bed of leeks along with a few new potatoes and the juices from the pan deglazed with white wine and a little fish stock. It was supper on 20th January 2018. The super fresh wild Cornish sea bream caught by a Day-Boat was bought whole from Barker’s wonderful fish stall in Shrewsbury’s Indoor Market.

Started to eat this wonderful fish dish before remembering to photograph it


wild sea bream with pakchoi and potatoes Boxing Day 2017

It was such a wonderful looking fish that the photograph was forgotten until the meal was started. Anthony J Sargeant very simply pan fried this superb fillet of Wild Sea Bream (see previous post) then deglazed the pan with a little fish stock and added lemon juice and just a very small spoonful of black olive tapenade to give a depth to the juices. Served with some char-grilled pak choi and a few new potatoes.