Started to eat this wonderful fish dish before remembering to photograph it


wild sea bream with pakchoi and potatoes Boxing Day 2017

It was such a wonderful looking fish that the photograph was forgotten until the meal was started. Anthony J Sargeant very simply pan fried this superb fillet of Wild Sea Bream (see previous post) then deglazed the pan with a little fish stock and added lemon juice and just a very small spoonful of black olive tapenade to give a depth to the juices. Served with some char-grilled pak choi and a few new potatoes.


See previous post – This was the Cornish Brill that was filleted and cooked – see the previous post by Anthony J Sargeant


Cornish Brill

A Brill caught be a Cornish Day Boat. The size is good as can be judged from the Wusthof filleting knife shown at the top of the chopping board.  An excellent eating fish – highly recommended

Fillets of Brill cooked by Tony Sargeant and served with new potatoes and a salad



Last night’s supper – ‘Brilliant Brill’ like all fish in need of gentle treatment says Anthony J Sargeant. The fillets and the roe (see at 2 o’clock)  fried in butter then the pan deglazed with a little fish stock and a squeeze of lemon. An underrated fish the Brill – the next post shows the Brill before filleting – this one from a Cornish Day Boat.