English Asparagus, Ham and a Poached Egg


Tony Sargeant thinks that good fresh ingredients carefully but simply cooked make for the best meals.


Here wonderfully fresh English asparagus has been cooked spread with a little butter, sea salt, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Served with locally cooked ham and a poached egg. Oh yes and by the by people often ask what is the secret of cooking a good poached egg – Well the answer is simple they need to be absolutely fresh – the egg shown here came out of the chicken a few hours earlier and dropped into a pan of simmering water the white is glutinous and sticks together to give a perfect poached egg – no need for all the nonsense of swirling the water around, adding vinegar to the water, or buying egg poaching devices. Bizarrely most supermarket eggs are left on uncooled shelves sometimes for 2 or 3 weeks so of course they do not poach very well (but if you have to buy eggs from a supermarket check the sell-by dates and pick the ones from the back of the shelf which are normally the freshest.



Asparagus Season in England – Enjoy



Fresh Asparagus is in season in England. This was supper prepared a few evenings ago by Anthony J Sargeant. There is so little to do but the result is delicious. Served with melted butter, sea salt and grated parmesan topped with a poached egg. It was not necessary but served with a slice of quiche and a spoonful of Hollandaise.

Smoked Cod Poached in Milk


Smoked Fillet of Cod was cooked by Anthony J Sargeant for supper yesterday evening 21st April 2018. Poached in milk then the cod was reserved while the milk was thickened with creme fraiche and reduced somewhat. The fish was returned to rewarm in the sauce and served with a poached egg yolk and capers and chopped chives. With small new potatoes and sugar snaps

Fillet of poached smoked cod sprinkled with chives, topped with a poached egg andserved with a milk and creme fraiche sauce, sugar snaps and new potatoes

Smoked fillet of Cod

Brill from Cornwall filleted and cooked by Anthony J Sargeant


Fillets of Cornish Brill with a few new potatoes and salad

Brill is a wonderful fish – this one which was bought whole was a good size and had been caught by a day boat from Cornwall  (south-west coast of England), and was very fresh. Turbot is a very similar fish – but because it is so popular it commands much higher prices in the market. Brill is a good fish and highly recommended. Here it was served with just the deglazed juices of the pan and some salad and new potatoes.

Started to eat this wonderful fish dish before remembering to photograph it


wild sea bream with pakchoi and potatoes Boxing Day 2017

It was such a wonderful looking fish that the photograph was forgotten until the meal was started. Anthony J Sargeant very simply pan fried this superb fillet of Wild Sea Bream (see previous post) then deglazed the pan with a little fish stock and added lemon juice and just a very small spoonful of black olive tapenade to give a depth to the juices. Served with some char-grilled pak choi and a few new potatoes.

Winter comfort food? Anthony Sargeant recommends Steak and Kidney Pudding



A very traditional British dish using cheap cuts of beef shin or skirt, Ox kidney, mushrooms and onions – steamed very slowly in a suet case for 5 or 6 hours. Here the pudding has been turned out and the first of four portions taken out to reveal the luscious mix within. Serve with sweet cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Battered squid rings, crispy chips and a mixed salad


Battered Squid rings chips and a mixed salad

A simple meal – but delicious – cooked by Anthony J Sargeant for lunch in Shropshire, England. Of course it would have tasted even more delicious if it were eaten for lunch on the quayside of some Greek Island – but one cannot have everything. The batter on the squid was crisp and covered well (it helps to get batter to stick if you first coat fish with rice flour and leave before dipping in the batter mix). The double cooked chips (french fries for North American readers) were crisp and remained crisp after being double cooked in vegetable oil. If they are shaken well in a sieve after cooking it helps to remove any excess oil and keeps the chips crisp.