Cats! Who would have them? asks Anthony J Sargeant


Perched on the back of the sofa and looking very furry – this is Shorty. An ‘inheritance’ from daughter when she moved out from the family home into a flat and could not take ‘her’ pet with her. Thanks for that Lucy! But other parents will recognise the syndrome and sympathize.

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Andy was a rescue dog – a great big irrepresible blond dollop of a dog. Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of him – he was an Alsatian cross of some kind. The rescue kennels had tried to rehouse him on 3 or 4 occasions but he was returned each time because the families could not […]

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‘Georgie’ our Yorkshire terrier



Anthony Sargeant photographed Georgie yesterday evening (10th February 2016) at his Shropshire home. He is very old now and getting a little shaky on his legs sometimes and sleeps a lot more than her used to, but apart from a cataract developing in one eye he does appear healthy and happy.