Fillet of Wild Sea Bream



Wild Sea Bream was filleted and pan-fried by Anthony Sargeant. Served on a bed of Sweetheart Cabbage with crushed potatoes. The skin was crisp and the flesh flaked well. Delicious and inexpensive meal.


Cold Roast Beef, Chips and Salad



Anthony Sargeant cooked small joint of beautifully marbled beef earlier in the week. Quickly sealed in a hot pan then into a fan oven at 60 degrees Celsius for an hour and a half. What was left after the first meal was very thinly sliced and served cold with chips (french fries to Americans) a salad and a few spicy stuffed red peppers.

Omelette Arnold Bennett on the plate



The omelette cooked by Anthony Sargeant and shown in the cooking pan in the previous post is big enough for four large portions. Here the photograph shows one quarter served very simply with some peas, a spicy stuffed pepper and some pickled gherkin.

Arbroath Smokies and Potato Dauphinois



Arbroath Smokies are a superb Scottish delicacy  says Anthony Sargeant. They are small haddock which have been hot smoked over hardwood chips thus they can be eaten without further cooking but here the meat is flaked from the bones and skin and incorporated in layers of potato dauphinois according to a recipe of Rick Stein’s and baked in a hot oven. A delicious warming meal for supper on a cold winter’s evening. Tony thinks the quantities in Rick Steins recipe are over generous, this dish cooked yesterday evening yielded four good portions using half the quantities suggested – but of course that depends on your appetite. Any not eaten keeps well in the fridge for a few days and can be reheated. For Rick Stein’s recipe see page 93 of his excellent book “Seafood lovers’ guide”.

Omelette Arnold Bennett: ready to serve



Anthony Sargeant loves this simple omelette using smoked haddock poached in milk and topped with double cream and grated parmesan cheese. Here photographed just after it has been finished under a very hot grill.  It is a slight adaptation of a Rick Stein recipe published in his very useful book “Seafood Lovers’ Guide”

Baked Brown Crab with salad



Cooked by Anthony Sargeant using wonderful live crab bought at the Birmingham Indoor Bullring Market. The UK is surrounded by wonderful fishing grounds and has an abundance of shellfish and crustaceans of all kinds. Sadly much of it is under-appreciated by the British themselves and so it gets exported to Spain and France.

This particular dish used a medium sized female crab in an adaptation of a Rick Stein recipe (see page 64 of his book “Seafood Lovers’ Guide”). The adaptation uses 3 times the volume of breadcrumbs so 50g not 15g – doubles the melted butter to stir into the mix from 1 to 2 tablespoons and replaces the Berkswell Cheese (which is excellent but not always easy to source) with Parmesan. Also because of the volume it is baked in dish rather than putting it back into shells – which are very pretty but not so manageable. This dish makes enough for 4 portions (if you only use 2 then the remainder can be put into the refrigerator for a day or two and reheated – it could be it is even better after that period of ‘infusion’).


Sprats for supper – now in season and ‘cheap as chips’



Supper the other evening was sprats pan fried by Anthony Sargeant in an almost dry pan after coating with a little seasoned flour. Served with a slightly spicy pepper relish and green salad. Sprats are so cheap but delicious when well seasoned and with a little lemon juice.