‘Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness’ – Dawn in Shropshire, England



Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home on 28th September 2017 at 6.38 am. Wonderful English changing seasons – variety and beauty though short winter days will soon arrive – the compensation will be the translucency of the landscape as the deciduous trees drop their leaves.


Excalibur Estate – ‘Prefabs’ in South London


IMG_3539 crop

Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph in July 2016 on a nostalgic trip to the place of his birth and childhood with his re-discovered friend from that time. We lived on part of a 1930s development of semi-detached housing by the Builders ‘Wates’ in Allerford Road and Watermead Road but we knew the prefabs well. They were put up immediately after WW2 to replace the loss of houses from the German bombing of British Cities and were meant as a temporary solution to the shortage of housing in the immediate post-war years. They were prefabricated in panels and erected on site very quickly. They were designed and intended to last for 10 years but lived on and were liked by those who lived in them well into the 1960s and beyond.

The Brown Clee Hill in Shropshire photographed by Anthony J Sargeant



Photographed during a very early bicycle ride along silent Shropshire lanes at 5.42 am on the 27th August 2017.

The morning mist is till clinging to the meadows but above the Brown Clee rises above them punctuated with lines of ancient hedgerows.

Petworth – Etching by William Strang RA in a portfolio of etchings owned by Anthony J Sargeant



This exquisite small etching in the collection of Anthony J Sargeant is by the Scottish artist William Strang. It shows a view of Petworth in West Sussex. A long way from Strang’s Scottish birthplace.

William Strang was born in Dumbarton in 1859. His father was a builder and his mother was the daughter of a founding member of the Clydeside shipbuilding firm William Denny & Bros. Throughout his life Strang identified himself as one of the working class and maintained a concern for the ordinary working person. On leaving Dumbarton Academy, he worked for a year as an office clerk for the family firm before he was eventually permitted to move to London to commence an artistic training. Although he made periodic return visits to Scotland, from this time London became his permanent home.

He was elected as a Royal Academician in the year he died, 1921.

Sparkling Fresh Mackerel filleted and pan-fried by Anthony Sargeant



So important to get absolutely fresh mackerel. Anthony Sargeant bought a sparkling fresh mackerel from the Fish stall in Shrewsbury Market which he highly recommends. This is one side of a good size fish filleted and split into two pieces to remove the pin bones that run down the centre of each side. it is served on a home made salsa with a green salad and a few pieces of potato salad.

Environmental Costs of Electric Powered Vehicles


Anthony Sargeant would like to know: Has anybody calculated the environmental cost of mining the metals and manufacturing the massive (and limited lifetime) heavy batteries that power electric vehicles?
Then add in the fact that transporting the batteries imposes an energy cost and the electricity has to be generated somewhere, somehow.
Then there are large energy losses along the length of any grid system of distribution – essentially the further you go from the generator the greater the loss.
It is just a question and I am curious to know the answer since we were told only a few years ago by the environmental lobby to buy diesel vehicles apparently on the basis of incomplete information.

Is there any such thing as a free lunch?