Moules Mariniere – Scottish Mussels



Very clean rope grown Scottish mussels make for a delicious meal. These were especially good mussels plump and tasty. Simply cooked by Anthony Sargeant in the classic Moules Mariniere fashion: first some finely chopped shallots sweated off in butter with just a little chopped hot chilli and garlic, then white wine added and brought to boil before adding the mussels for a few minutes in a covered pan until they open. Straining off the mussels leaves a delicious liquor behind which can have cream and parsley added before bringing to the boil and pouring over the dish of mussels.

Early Lambs in Shropshire fields



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of the lambs in the field next to his Shropshire home on Sunday 19th February 2017. The house is surrounded by pasture land for sheep and it is wonderful to see the arrival of new lambs. Spring is approaching and the days are getting longer and warmer as the month goes on.

Small Haggis cooked for Burn’s Night



This traditional haggis was bought by Anthony J Sargeant from Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire and cooked for Burn’s Night on the 25th of January 2017. It is fair to say that it does not look that appetising here but sliced and served with onion gravy along with some mashed potatoes and swede does improve its appearance.


Ford Popular in 1970


This is the third car owned by Anthony Sargeant with his first wife standing by the side. The photograph was taken on the drive outside 64 Wickham Chase, West Wickham, Kent, where Tony’s parents lived at the time. The Ford Popular was a reliable little car to which Tony fitted a tow bar so that […]

via Ford Popular in 1970 

Pork tenderloin with cream and cheese



A delicious ‘comfort food’ dish cooked for supper on the 5th October 2016 by Anthony Sargeant (see page 74 of Food Aid Cookbook, edited by Delia Smith, for recipe. Served here with sweet panfried and roasted tomatoes (from the greenhouse) in rape seed oil and crushed potatoes.

Sprats are in season at the moment



Sprats make a delicious meal and are very cheap. Tony tossed them in seasoned flour and then cooked them in a large pan with just a very little rape seed oil turned them out on to kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil and served them crispy and warm with sweet roasted tomatoes from the garden cooked with rape seed oil and lemon juice a little sugar and seasoning.

Spider crab – freshly cooked by Anthony Sargeant and ready to pick the meat out



Very nice spider crab bought live at Birmingham’s Indoor Bullring Market – just cooked and ready to prepare for supper. It is strange that the British do not see very many of these crabs but that is because most of them get exported to Spain or France. They are full of excellent white meat in the long legs.